Forward jaws 4-


Diameter А В С D E F G H S
250 105 63 28 12 11,5 32 32 15 9

    At the request of the customer, the cartridges of version 1 are equipped with half-moist cams, the cartridges of version 2 are equipped with cams (soft, hot straight, hard reverse) and fixing screws. In new lathe chucks from 200 to 400 mm in diameter, to improve their reliability, the design of the "pinion-bushing-stopper" assembly was changed, which made it possible to eliminate the wear of the stopper, to increase the accuracy of the axial fixation of the gear and the radial rigidity of the assembly. The technical solution of the self-centering lathe chuck was patented by BelTAPAZ in 2007 (patent BY 3335 U). In addition, the lathe chucks are equipped with a device for limiting the cams' departure in the form of a spring-loaded abutment installed in the groove to interact with the lateral surface of the tooth of the cam rail, which ensures the requirements of international standards for this safety class products, in particular IS0 16156. The technical solution is protected in 2012 Year by the patent BY 8624 U. The difference of this solution from the known ones is that in the new design of the lathe chuck for easy servicing and quick change of the cams the stop is set It is movable in the T-shaped groove of the body, and by means of a spring it is possible to return to a position in which it prevents the cams from moving more than the maximum permissible. Also, in order to increase the progress of the clamping jaws and to expand the range of fastened workpieces, the rail from the end of one of the cams has a cut of a certain portion of the teeth for approaching the stop.



JSC“Grodno Plant of Lathe Chucks “BelTAPAZ” produces self-centering lathe chucks, meant for installation on  all-purpose lathe machines, turret lathes,
internal grinding machines, dividing heads and various accessories.

JSC “Grodno Plant of Lathe Chucks “BelTAPAZ” produces more than 100 modifications self-сentering spiral-rack chucks of  2, 3, 4, 6-jaw with outer diameter from 80 to 500 mm.

JSC «BelTAPAZ» has certified quality management system for design and production of lathe chucks in accordance with the requirements of  STB ISO 9001-2009. There is a conformance certificate № РОСС BY. MM03.H04770.

Chucks with jaws departure limiter comply with international safety standards GOST R ISO 16156.