Lathe chuck mechanized 3-400.45.02

Version 1- with solid jaws

Type1- with a cylindrical centering belt through intermediate flange by the GOST 3889

Patrony made TU BY500047867.020.2013

Mechanized self-centering chucks are designed for fastening of

processed piece  blanks and rod material on lathes and other

machine tools, geared rotary type by hydraulic, pneumatic or

electrical energy.

Accuracy class:
ISO 3089: 2005 for design with one-piece jaws
ISO 3442-2: 2005 for the execution of the cams with the teams












Min.summary static clamping force,Н


400 235 196,869 80  6хМ20  3х29,4 156,5 211,5 65000 128,3


Nominal torque transmitted to the drive input shaft -100Nm cartridge- 250 diameters of the chuck, 150 Nm -315 of the diameter of the lathe chuck, 250Nm-400 diameter of the lathe chuck.

Equipped with stop cams departure.

Disbalans all rounds of performances within acceptable limits in accordance with GOST ISO 1940-1-2007.

Mechanical chucks are provided with a free bore by eliminating the traction that allows clamping and processing of bar material.

In the mechanized ammunition blanks based emphasis is screwed directly to the cartridge.

Cartridges with mechanized drive features a low wear due to the large surface areas that transmit the clamping force and a tight seal to prevent ingress of dirt and coolant.

A large range of assigned pieces, carried out without readjustment cartridge the use of electric drive ensures a constant clamping force on a large number of cycles of "clip-unclamping", as well as the ability to adjust its value.


JSC“Grodno Plant of Lathe Chucks “BelTAPAZ” produces self-centering lathe chucks, meant for installation on  all-purpose lathe machines, turret lathes, internal grinding machines, dividing heads and various accessories.

JSC “Grodno Plant of Lathe Chucks “BelTAPAZ” produces more than 100 modifications self-сentering spiral-rack chucks of  2, 3, 4, 6-jaw with outer diameter from 80 to 500 mm.

JSC «BelTAPAZ» has certified quality management system for design and production of lathe chucks in accordance with the requirements of  STB ISO 9001-2009. There is a conformance certificate № РОСС BY. MM03.H04770.

Chucks with jaws departure limiter comply with international safety standards GOST R ISO 16156.