The plant yesteday - plant today

The history of plant begins since 1956.

JSC " Grodno plant of lathe chucks "BelTAPAZ" repeatedly reshaped, produced plumbing equipment, lighting products,tooling, cold heading tool, as well as consumer goods.

1973 y. -  Built factory lathe chucks on a new platform and developed new products  three-jaw  self-centering lathe chucks.

1975 y. -   present, and includes the production of a wide range of lathe chucks for installation on machine tools, dividing heads and various technological devices.

For the first time in the USSR, mastered lathe chucks such performance and such accuracy.

1977 y. - all-Union exhibition the Russian  for All-Union Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy self-centering lathe chucks high precision with a diameter of 250 mm was awarded a Bronze medal.

1980 y. the company had the right the company notes this lathe Chuck has the State quality mark of the USSR.

In the late 70's-early 80-ies the plant's products are in demand in all sectors of the economy. Expanded export lathe chucks, they went to 16 countries.

1996 y. - the Plant was renamed into RUE "Grodno plant of lathe chucks "BelTAPAZ".

2004 y. - Signed a contract with the Republican unitary enterprise "Minsk tractor plant" for the supply of components and parts for the Assembly of tractors of new generation.

2005 y. - a Regular supply of components to the conveyor RUE "MTZ".

2007 y. -  RUE "BelTAPAZ" is in the top ten plants of the Ministry of industry and becomes a laureate of the 3rd degree of the Ministry of industry of Belarus in the field of quality, creation and introduction of highly effective methods in accordance with the International standard ISO 9000.

2008 y. - Incorporation of the company , the new name - JSC "Grodno plant of lathe chucks "BelTAPAZ"

Currently the company produces more than 100 modifications self-centering spiral manual lathe chucks, handles parts MTZ, which is 28.1% of the total and manufactures consumer goods – garden tools.

2012 y. -  there is a technical re-equipment of the enterprise. For updating, modernization of the active part of funds and improve the technical level of production.

2012 - 2016 y. -  JSC "BelTAPAZ" realizes its products in both domestic and foreign markets. Delivery of products is made by all the major companies of the machine tool machinery industry of Republic of Belarus, the enterprises of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova. JSC "BelTAPAZ" sells products directly to end users, but also through distribution network.

The components of success of JSC "BelTAPAZ":

  • Flexible marketing policy - understanding consumers.
  • Good management - efficient management of production and distribution.
  • Cooperation with leading experts in the field of Metalworking.
  • Effective system of motivation and development of staff.We strive to meet the demands of our customers by providing them high quality products using modern technologies.

We strive to meet the demands of our customers by providing them high quality products using modern technologies.                                                

We develop TOGETHER with our customers, responding flexibly to changes in their needs.





JSC“Grodno Plant of Lathe Chucks “BelTAPAZ” produces self-centering lathe chucks, meant for installation on  all-purpose lathe machines, turret lathes,
internal grinding machines, dividing heads and various accessories.

JSC “Grodno Plant of Lathe Chucks “BelTAPAZ” produces more than 100 modifications self-сentering spiral-rack chucks of  2, 3, 4, 6-jaw with outer diameter from 80 to 500 mm.

JSC «BelTAPAZ» has certified quality management system for design and production of lathe chucks in accordance with the requirements of  STB ISO 9001-2009. There is a conformance certificate № РОСС BY. MM03.H04770.

Chucks with jaws departure limiter comply with international safety standards GOST R ISO 16156.